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This section is very important. Please read the follwing paragraphs.

Please do NOT submit if your site contains ANY of the following elements:

  • You are a novice or beginner in designing / creating websites. Please save the submission fee. You will NOT win this award without experience.
  • Your websites has 5 or less pages.
  • You steel bandwidth. (No, this isn't a crime, but it slows down the net.)
  • Your site contains profanity, racism and/or controversial material of any kind.
  • Hard & extreme Pornography is displayed.
  • Promotion of illegal activities.

General Rules and Requirements:

Your site doesn't contain any of the above elements. THAT'S GOOD! Now let's concentrate on what we are looking for in a winning site. The following elements are the standard. This doesn't mean that your chances are slim if you only meet these requirements. A site that shows good use of the of the elements below has the same chances than a site which uses advanced technologies and techniques.

  • The site should have an unique layout.
  • Copyrights must be noted.
  • As many used graphics as possible should be original.
  • Navigation should be clear and easy.
  • The site should have a balanced color-scheme.

The following elements are NOT mandatory but a plus if they are NOT over-used, or have a specific purpose:

  • SMIL
  • XML
  • Flash
  • UML
  • VRML

What's NOT important:

  • Browser Compatibility: You have to know what browsers your visitors prefer. It's not our job to make this decission for you. We review in all newer and older browsers if you want us to.
  • Screen Resolution: Same thing. Let us know what's the best resolution to view your site. Everything between 640*480 pixel up to 1600*1200 pixel can be reviewed without problems.
  • Loading Time: You pay us, we wait. Just let us know approximately how long.