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Since this service is not free of charge you certainly receive something in exchange for the money you invested NOT only if you win. In case you are a winner the total value of all prices exceeds the the submission fee.

"How is that possible?", you might ask. Here is the answer:

  • Not everyone wins this prestigeous trohpy.
  • The Star Site Team was browsing through the net and used all its contacts to receive discounts on the products it gives away. This certainly doesn't mean that the prices are of lower quality. We always keep our high standards.
  • This is NO money making machine or cash cow. We try to provide an excellent service at a fair price. That's why our margins are not immensily high.
  • The staff has a real life. This means we all have regular day-time jobs and don't have to rely on this business.
  • We don't *steel money*. We know how hard it is to earn a living, and we know what we expect as customers.

What do I get if I DON'T win?

  • Full review of your site with suggestions what could be done better. This includes a HTML-check, images and graphic-work check, navigation check, etc. --> This is called consulting for FREE ;-).
  • Honorable notice including a link and a short description in *PhilDaPoohBear's Newsletter* with over 1500 subscribers.
  • A free subscription to *Macromedia's Indsider Newsletter* even if you are not a customer or registered user.

If you are a winner you receive the follwing package of prices:

  • *The Bär Star Site - PRO Edition* award graphic with a personal ID number and HTML tag.
  • *The Bär Star Site - PRO Edition* certificate delivered via snail mail.
  • Six month subscription for *PC - Magazin*, the leading source in internet, pc, and gaming issues.
  • Ten dollar gift certificate from *Amazon.com*, delivered either by mail or via internet.
  • Five free advertisements or banner ads in *PhilDaPoohBear's Newsletter* with over 1500 subscribers.
  • Free listing, including screenshot, link, and description in the *Star Site Hall of Fame*
  • Free listing, including screenshot, link, and description in the *MetatroniC Award Index*, the premier European Award list.
... "and that is all?", you ask. No. You can be sure by winning this price that you have done something special and outstanding. You enriched the web-community. You provide an excellent service or your site has a beautiful design and layout or both. You are -virtually speaking- among the top 1% on the internet.